Humble Lesson

I confess and have contrition,
I’ve not been in submission.
I’ve tried to do things with my hands.
By my strength I’ve worked to stand.
Thus what I earned I could not afford.
Better to wait upon the Lord.
Who planned success before I began.
Who sought to raise a humble man.
Words by Thomas Balistreri

The Center Of My Life – (By Thomas Balistreri)

Lord, You’re the center of my life.

Your direct my path and show me the light.

You guide me through the dark of night.

You take what’s left and make it right.

My desire with each new day,

is to raise my hands and give You praise.

Lord You’re wonderful, my God and King.

You are all I need, my everything.

Psalm 91:7-12 (Paraphrased and Rhymed)

A thousand may fall at your left side,
ten thousand on your right,
but it shall not come near you,
and you shall behold the sight,

of the reward of the wicked,
who shall reap what they have sown,
but no evil will befall you,
because you have known,

the Lord as your refuge,
The Most High as your own,
His angels shall protect you,
lest you stumble on a stone.