Light In The Darkness

There is light in the darkness.
There is guidance to show the way.
Don’t let your heart receive hardness.
This moment of trial will not stay.
Life flows on in an endless stream.
Beyond time or that which is seen.
Don’t be fooled by what you have now.
It’s just for a while.
There’s a life that is greater.
This is just where you must begin.
Time is short for your stay here.
Don’t let the pressures make you give in.
Like a child that’s growing strong.
You are preparing to move along.
You will forget all of the pain.
When you see what you gain.
There is One who dries the eyes of everyone who’s cried.
And He makes all things new.
He will you.
If you’ve called Him to your heart,
then be sure He’ll not depart.
Because he made the sacrifice to win your life.
There is endless discovery.
There is joy yet unknown.
Like a drop in a great sea.
Is mans knowledge compared to what’s to be shown.

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