(Song/Poem) Memories In Time

This is one of my non humor poems.
(at least not intentionally)
 I’ve put the words to music and sing them.
 First the lyrics then the video of the song.

Memories in Time

Leafing through the pages in my mind.
Blowing dust off of memories in time.
Thinking back on what we planned to do.
Reliving all the feelings that we knew.
It’s seems like I am back there again.
When we were ready to begin.
Sweeter than the finest vintage wine.
Tasting the memories in time.
Remembering the hope of dreams to come,
The unknown that we faced when we begun.
Through the years shadows cover the past.
But underneath lay memories that last.

(My Song) I Would If I Could

This is a song with the words from a poem of mine I posted previously.
I only changed one word. I changed the word “float” to “work”.
I couldn’t stand hearing myself sing. “It just won’t float.”
It sounded like I was some hillbilly in bib overalls.
(Do hillbillies wear bib overalls?)
Anyway here is the musical version of that particular rhyme of mine.