One day the colors came,
shining through.
I started seeing things,

I thought I knew.
I could no longer do,
what I used to do.
No longer colorblind.
Reality in different hues.
Unfamiliar point of views.
Full of desire,
to spread the news.
No longer colorblind.
I thought I saw the proper way.
Unaware I saw mostly greys.
Now that I have restored vision,
I feel like I’m,
on a mission.
Leaving old sights behind,
I’m no longer colorblind.

This And That Side

This side was sad it overate.
That side had nothing for it’s plate.
This side struggled with fashions style.
That side lacked shoes to walk for miles.
This side had houses taxed unfair.
That side slept through rain in open air.
This side read of evil’s increase.
That side prayed the bombs would cease.