I Do – (by Tom Balistreri)

Written and performed by Tom Balistreri.

 Do I believe everything will turn out right?
I do.
Do I believe darkness will be conquered by Light?
I do.
I’m no Pollyanna with his head in the sand.
But I believe that there is a greater plan.
Do I think God will prevail?
I do.
This world is a constant struggle
designed to strengthen the weak.
Yet there is peace
promised by the Lord
for those who really want it
All they have to do is seek.
Do I think the world is out of control?
I do.
But do I think evil will fail at its goals?
I do.


I write, sing and play the instruments on this recordings.
This song is called “Holes”.

There’s a hole in the window.
There’s a hole in the floor.
There’s a whole lot of folks who aren’t whole anymore.
There’s a hole in their soul where the pain gets in,
that only the Holy One can fill in.

He’s wholly God. He’s wholly man.
He’s the Holy One know as the great I Am.
He’s got a hole in His side.
He’s got holes in His hands.
He allowed them there to make us whole again.
There’s a whole wide world going into a hole.
There are holes in mans plans of taking more than the whole.
There’s a hole in the space were they are trying to take hold.
But there’s only one who can make them feel whole.