Final Triumph

No mater your situation,
or lifestyle you have had.
The Lord will receive you.
No burden will He add.
Do not dwell on struggle,
nor whine and mope.
Have faith in God,
your eternal hope.
He will redeem
and see you through,
to blessings that
you never knew.
The Lord God will triumph,
over all evil deeds.
He will heal all that’s broken,
and set all captives free.

Prayer To God The Father – (by Tom Balistreri)

God Almighty,
creator of all things,
You declared we call You Father,
to You we pray and sing.
Full of love and mercy,
You bless us with your care.
Who or what is like You?
What can be compared?
I humbly praise and thank You.
In your presence I am awed.
For You are The Eternal,
The Mighty, Loving God.